Interior Design 101: Make Your Home Stand Out By Installing Architectural Ceiling Domes

Everyone dreams of having beautiful architectural ceiling details in their home. Unfortunately, they can be expensive; if you didn’t have them when you bought your home, they are going to be expensive to have someone do. You can also buy them.

There is a great assortment of ways to make your house more appealing and creating an original personality with your own signature ceiling. To be at home, there is a desire for it to feel incredibly warm, cozy, pleasing, and calming. This effect can be achieved by ceiling domes. You can take different approaches with the goal of redefining the interior of your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Not all of us have the interior designer’s touch. There are many interior designers; as such, there are some who do not charge a fortune.

The ceiling is one of the largest blank canvases of your home, but slips from the mind as the possibility of adding character to your house. With the modernization of materials and creativity, there are new breakthroughs in ceiling designs. The ceiling is a great way to tailor the room to a certain feel or to give the room structure. The options include ceiling medallions, ceiling rims, ceiling domes, as well as panel molding with decorative corners. It is not only a great way to bring life to a new home, but is certainly also suitable for restorations of historical interiors

So, with the endless options, where should you begin? First things first, style and decision making should be fun. This should not be a stressful project. While some decisions are hard to make, you will get there. Search the internet for ideas and inspiration to help you decide what you can do with your ceiling.

Recently ceiling domes have becoming high in demand for interior use due to the fact that it is an affordable way to add luxury and style in your home. Ceiling domes are amazing architectural details to be used in opening up the interior space. There are many styles, sizes and shapes of ceiling domes available, making it easy for them to fit with your design. An interior designer is also very helpful in this situation because they are able to take the dreams and translate them into reality. The best interior for anybody is one that is original, that suits the particular needs that one may have – the design is supposed to be your very own that does not have a strong influence of fads at the time because it is too easy to fall out of love with a fad. 

For quite some time, ceilings have been thought of as a decorative element. There is a variety of architectural products on the market, so you should have no trouble selecting a design.

The most common materials used for ceiling domes manufacturing are polyurethane and fiberglass. Fiberglass has an amazing quality to be able to be molded in many various shapes. It is also noted for its durability. Old traditional ceiling dome material (such as plaster and gypsum) were a lot heavier, which which made shipping and installation not nearly as easy as fiberglass or polyurethane ceiling domes installation.

There are many, may ways that you can incorporate a ceiling dome into any of your rooms. There is a misconception that ceiling domes are strictly suitable for traditional decor. The design history proves that ceiling domes may be successfully used in traditional and contemporary interiors. 

Ceiling domes with clean lines may be incorporated in modern or contemporary style. To accentuate the modern feeling, contemporary lighting fixture can be placed inside the ceiling dome. In traditional interiors, ceiling domes with ornamental details are more suitable.

A great way to make an original lighting source is to utilize ceiling domes with lighting. All ceiling domes come primed ready for final finishing.

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  • Great article! I did want to add something though…ceiling domes are definitely a great option to make a house look more elegant. But in my opinion, if the home is obviously an inexpensive one, adding a ceiling dome might look a little ridiculous. For example, if you have a tiny apartment in not the best neighborhood, a ceiling dome may seem tacky rather than elegant.

  • I don’t know…I flip houses, and sometimes we do try to add little features like this even if the home isn’t in the best area. I think it depends on if the bad neighborhood is “up and coming.” If it is, many developers and investors will be buying and renovating houses. Then, yours won’t be as nice if you don’t add features such as this. Also consider architectural molding on the ceiling, which truly is beautiful. Again…watch your budget, and Rachel does have a point on the ceiling domes…don’t try to make a run-down house what it isn’t.

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